Does anyone have any experience of OpenWind?

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Vantage475T, Jul 18, 2021.

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    Vantage475T Adventure Trimarans

    I'm looking at the OpenWind for my A600 trimaran but I'm completely new to requiring any sort of instrumentation as previously I've only ever had a SpeedPuck on board!

    OpenWind seems to offer what I need in that it works with a rotating mast and is wireless so that is great.

    The OpenWind app and various others will display the data I want but I would prefer to not have to use a mobile phone for the display.

    I do keep one on board in a waterproof case (and in a waterproof bag!) but as they are generally pretty crap to view in direct sunlight (not that there always is direct sunlight in the UK) I was wondering if anyone could point me towards any small displays like this NasaMarine unit that I could integrate in with it - this is about 11cm square I think).


    I do understand that I will need the NMEA 2000 or 0183 kit from OpenWind so that is not a problem.

    There is an option to use Home page. - Novasail - official web site. requiring the NMEA kit but I'm not entirely sure what they can display - I've contacted them about that and waiting to hear back.

    OpenWind should be getting stock available again very shortly so I'm keen to find a solution if I can so I can get testing it.

    I guess there might be various smartwatch options to which I can add an app, but I'm thinking that a small display and having to look down to my wrist is less useful than simply having a centrally mounted screen visible from anywhere by me and any crew.

    There is not a huge amount of space available in the cockpit as it is open and pretty minimalist so it can't be too sizeable!

    Hopefully it can fit on the mast base - it will be slightly obscured by the mast limiter but should not be a problem:



    I do have a Garmin GPSMap 86s - I need to find out if that can be integrated in any way. Not ideal but might get me going if it can do that.

    Anyway, if anyone could point me towards some suitable displays I would be really grateful so I can get properly investigating.

    Or if anyone can point me towards an alternative system that will work with a rotating mast would be great.

    Many thanks.
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