Does any manufacturer use chopper gun today?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by JESEMD, Sep 13, 2023.

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    JESEMD New Member

    Wondering if anyone in any scale of production uses chopper gun for anything today? If so, what? Working on a concept and would appreciate any information. Thanks
  2. comfisherman
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    The ones I'm familiar with do, not extensively but it's still a mainstay. When I demoed a mixing gun both shops I watched used a chop after gel coat in the mold. Also saw use of it tabbing and bonding prefit panels and stringers. Our local builder does the same. Although our boats are commercial and displacement so weight concerns aren't usually top. On the rebuild side I've seen it used for bulkhead and stringer fitting.
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  3. philSweet
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    Still used for parts - hatch covers, seats, consoles, piling cap tops, dock boxes, trash cans, bogging in plywood or foam into molded parts. It's handy in a production environment where you want to make divers parts at one time.
  4. KD8NPB
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    Almost all of them in the United States use them somewhere in the production process.
  5. comfisherman
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    I know if you call Graco, magnum Venus or Phoenix and ask for just a nozzle mix dispense system, all will wonder why you didn't request a chop gun as well....
  6. ondarvr
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    Most any manufacturer that wants fast production of price sensitive products uses a chopper gun if possible. The vast majority of the marine industry falls into this category.

  7. Cobra1
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    Really?? Every mass produce boats are made with a chopper gun, look at the bass boat industry. You would have to search high and low to find one that hand laminates.
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