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    To design floating buoyant structures, I use the package OrcaFlex. The OrcaFlex models end up being quite elaborate, for example there are many user-entered coefficients (added mass, drag, etc) and properties (CG and mass of each component of the model, line properties, etc) that have to be selected carefully. In the model, you can't comment a particular choice, such as 'Drag coefficient chosen to be 1.2 based on DNV value for cylinder, but frontal area reduced 20% to account for shadowing'. You just enter the value (then forget how you chose it, if you are me). Meanwhile the software's layout makes it hard to record the user's choices with screenshots or cut & paste. I am seeking a method or hints to document the model construction so that others in my group can (1) review it, or (2) reproduce the choices if they are working on a similar model.
    If you use OrcaFlex or a similar package, how do you document how the model is set up and your choices for coefficients etc?
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