Do more props help ?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by smilingjack, Oct 23, 2006.

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    smilingjack New Member

    Now here a question that now body can answer so I though to being it the experts
    A double pontoon craft, pontoons to 27 inch wide for a 30 feet boat.

    A single (electricity) drive would people it (x) MPH [say 5 MPH]
    A double (electricity) drive would people it (x) MPH
    A tipple (electricity) drive would people it (x) MPH
    A quadruple (electricity) drive would people it (x) MPH

    All drive is the same.

    I am not look for a speed as a factor.
    I am looking in for the power in more props in the water rather increase the HP of the engine.
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    grumpygrady landlubber

    knowing electric motors you would have to have a smaller pitch on the props than with one if you do not increase the hp
    this true for model boats and full size i believe
    unless you are talking about adding more motors and props then


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