Do-it-yourself powerboat

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by pajpo, May 13, 2009.

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    What do you think can I build this boat on my own(I am complete boatbuilding amateur but I am skillful at woodworking and housefixing) by the plans available on this site and what do you think how much money do I need for it (without an engine)?
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    Yes it feasible by an amateur. It looks rather simple.

    The price depends on:
    - price of marine plywood and resins at Belgrade. Do not attempt to use low grade exterior plywoods, it ends always or in total disaster, or a lot of expenses and work trying to solve the problems caused by a low quality plywood.
    This hull needs a good marine plywood as it's will be bended and twisted.

    - choice of the outboard(s)
    The motorization will be the big expense as always in the small boats, so it can vary greatly: one used 50 HP it's not the same price as two Honda 100 HP brand new. The speed is not the same also.

    Buy the study plans and ask a list of materials. After you can make a sheet of cost when you'll have the prices and availability of the materials where you live. For the number of hours, do not have illusions, multiply by 1.8 to 2.2 the number of hours given by the architect.
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    The plywood version of that boat is likely within the capabilities of a first-time builder with some woodworking experience.

    If you want a good idea of cost, IlanVoyager's hit the nail on the head. Get the study plans and bill of materials for $20 or so. Put the bill of materials into a nicely organized spreadsheet. Add everything the designer left out- things like cleats, paint, a radio, etc. and get a local price for each item. Such a boat, built with pride in Canada using top-quality materials and a full suite of yacht-grade parts, could easily cost five to ten times as much as the same boat built cheaply, simply and quickly in Mexico.

    If it's your first build, it will take a lot longer than the designer claims. Their claims of "build in 400 hours" etc. tend to assume that you have a fully equipped shop, have built boats in that construction method before, and have another, more lucrative project waiting in the queue as soon as this one's done.
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