Do I need Yacht Design for what I want to build?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Scottg, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Scottg
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    Scottg Junior Member

    I know there is a lot of talk about which Yacht Design school to attend, etc. My question is that if I want to design and manufacture flats boats, shallow water skiffs, and maybe a 23-26 center console boat, do you think I should take a Yacht Design course or is there another way to go to achieve my goals?:confused: I am not looking to design yachts or mega yachts. Ive been wanting to do this for awhile but am curious if I need to go through the Yacht Design course because that seems to be the only thing available being down here in Florida. Surprisingly there isnt any boat design schools down here. Thanks ahead of time.

  2. JEM
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    maybe contract with a designer with you providing input along the way?
  3. Scottg
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    Scottg Junior Member

    Well, I want to design the boats as well as manufacture them. If I need to go through Westlawn or MacNaughten, then I will. Just trying to see if there is an alternative way to go since the boats I want to design aren't exactly yachts.
  4. Raggi_Thor
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    I think you can manage with some reading. Your hull shapes are quite simple.
    Start with some of the basic books recommended here.
    John teale has a nice one, "How to design a boat", I think.
  5. buckknekkid
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    first things first

    this is from experience in Ft. L. Go to Miami, interview every resin head you can find, learn to speak Spanish, talk to Flats guides, ( flats boat owners are real picky) Flats boats have too many parts to fit and they will drive you crazy. Its about diminishing returns. Sell boats for otherrs first, learn the trade slowly. Then see how many companies sell the product you want to build and then get their financial statements if they are public and pour over them. Educate yourself before you even buy the first square yard of cloth. Learn to sand and fair. I loved building boats, loved selling them and loved driving them. But you only get to pick one of the above if you want to do well. email me when you need some contacts.

  6. safewalrus
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    Well the old time boat builders didn't go to design school, there wernt any! Learned on the job, so find a builder tell him it's your dream to build yer own flat and can you work for/with him as a part time labourer over a summer for free, just the training he can give you! Most of em will jump at the chance - free labour for the summer (well OK only some of it but it's still better than paying, when you've learned enough thank'ee verry much sira goodbye! You gets some knowledge, he gets the labour, the boat owner gets his boat built cheaply - everybody is happy (except the poor old design school man, but he wouldn't have had you on the books for long anyway by the sound of it!)
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