DIY Wind Vane Plans

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by paddlerjay, May 25, 2009.

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    I used to have a Transat boat with a homade windvane. Worked great - I am sure it was a QME. Ive searched the web and get a few hits on people having them but no manufacturer or plans. Anyone got any ideas ? Looking for vertical vane and either trim tab or Aux steering oar.
    Thank You
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    I sailed my first boat from BC to New Zealand with a QME type vane. It was a horribly unbalanced 36 footer ( Kinney designed "Pipe Dream") It was overpowered but got here there. Later I hooked the same vane to a trim tab, says rig style. That worked better, but the boat was still an abortion.
    I found 1/8th inch 7X19 stainless wire worked far better for the lines, as they stretched less and chaffed less.
    Now I use the one in my book, designed for well balanced boats with outboard rudders.
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