diy surface drive?

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by moTthediesel, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. moTthediesel
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    moTthediesel Junior Member

    Thinking about a surface drive for a very small (1600cc) inboard hydro.
    Anybody ever seen a home brewed unit?
    Was it successful?
  2. moTthediesel
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    moTthediesel Junior Member

    I'm looking at some old plans for a Charles Mower designed one step hydro from 1927. Very much like a small "Baby Bootlegger", if you know that boat.
    Plans as shown feature a forward rudder (yikes!) and a long conventional shaft drive to the wheel. I just can't see the sense in dragging 6' of exposed shaft through the water, especially in a boat that needs to go fast with a small engine. And the forward rudder? Makes me think about how much fun it would be to drive a forklift @ 50 mph.
    I'm thinking of a non-steering surface drive with conventional rear rudder, something more like a "Simpliciy" style unit rather than an Arneson type.
    I have lots of good reference materials for engineering standard props, but I don't know where to look for sizing/pitching/cupping surface drive props.
    Can anybody here point me to some good info?
  3. lucas12
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    Go to 'Building a 21' cruiser' in projects proposals.
    I have one drawn up can email the dxf's soon
  4. xrudi
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    xrudi Rudi Scholz

    Levi Drive 170-150


    We produce suface drives for engines between 20 and 70 hp. This might be something for you. Please viste our webpage and view our model LD 170-150.

    Best Regards

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  5. ted655
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    ted655 Senior Member

    There is a builder here that makes his own.. They are fairly simple, but functional. Not sleek or sporty looking. He charges $1500+. Off the shelf components
    Ted, Henderson, LA.
  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    This subject has been thouroughly discussed in the thread "shafts thru the transom'. I think you will find a lot of answers there.
  7. buckknekkid
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    buckknekkid Senior Member

    Ted do you have contact information?
  8. ted655
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    I can try to get some info for you, if interested. OR pictures of one of the boats, next time I see one.
    Just this month, he is wrapping up his projects and was semi-retireing.
    Another type of propulsion they use here in the swamp is a BIG improvment over the straight shaft Go Devils. They are "Pro Drives", made here in lorieville, LA..
    A great "outboard" type of surface drive motor. I have gone for test rides with these and they are impressive. A flat bottom boat will "scoot" in 1" of water!
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  9. Mudder
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    Mudder New Member

    Surface Drives

    Here is another. We build our own 45 horse engines.
  10. Misogynist
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    Misogynist Junior Member

    Does it make enough HP to haul all the wives at once?..... lol... sorry,, couldn't resist that one....... :p
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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    From my data base:

    I give to you the names of manufacturers or models:

    DBD Marine
    Jolly drive
    Levi Marine
    Sea Fury
    Saro Drive
    Pulse drive
    Sea Rex
    Top System

    Here you can see The ARNESON installed on my MANTA ASD design (2 x 1150 hp / +50 knots)

    Attached Files:

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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    For decades the folks in Asia have been mounting a car engine , and a shaft on the stern of FAST small boats.

    The prop is immersed fully as the boat is started and slowly lifted to surface drive as speed increases. The unit also pivots to steer the boat .A simple tiller controlls it all.

    Should be really EZ to do with your engine , a heck of a lot fewer parts, and nothing in the water at rest.

    Perhaps one of our fine members in Indonesia or ? could add a photo.

  13. Quicksilver
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    Quicksilver Junior Member

    Sounds like the levidrive, which has already chimed in on the thread, or is the one your talking about a diy.
  14. TerryKing
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    TerryKing On The Water SOON

  15. tom kane
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    tom kane Senior Member

    diy surface drive

    I think you forgot to mention CAM.PROPULSION PIVOTAL DRIVE..Probably the first ever.. in this line of beasts.
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