DIY Small wooden pontoon Questions

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by minno, Aug 27, 2014.

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    yeah, my bad, I had it all written out in my first post and then ended up editing it all out 'cause it was a wall of text I'd never have read through.

    rockering just the ends sounds doable, I'll give it some thought.

    swing under because I'll have wheels mounted horizontally on top of the pontoons at the end of the beams the pontoons will be mounted on, when I turn a crank the middle of the deck will pop up, the pontoons will swing under, wheels will be vertical, and then I'll just wheel it out of the water and on down the road.

    I'll draw out a sketch and take a pic so I can upload it, it's so much easier than the thousand words, it'll be a few days, got company over for the long weekend, speaking of which, y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

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  3. minno
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    I must have seen that somewhere before, it's a lot like what I have in mind, thanks Manfred :)


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    Possibly, but he also did some more conventional designs as well.

    It gives you an idea of his degree of innovation - something not every designer is keen to tackle.

    His plywood 'Kelsall method', different to his 'fibreglass Kelsall method' was another real innovation that made a big improvement on building speed. i cant find a web reference for it quickly, but I am sure he could send you some info.

    Its hard to go past a designer who has already 'done it' to get the best result.
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