DIY pontoon, 30ft - epoxy and styrofoam...?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by bib_ak, Dec 25, 2014.

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    How about a 27' by 8'6" wide Jon boat hull that has 6" foam already fiber glassed into the floor. Look at the Carolina Skiff 27DLX. Rated to carry 5,000 pounds. This way you don't have to worry about the hull design .. or buy an old 30' Silverton hull; plug the hull where the inboards were add a transom motor bracket (ie: Armstong) and build the house on the hull
    If you want the pontoon hull go to and find their wood/glass pontoon houseboat design and be the carpenter you are...

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    If I had the illusion of design and build my own boat, I´d ask for advice on forums like this. I would like people to advise me on how to realize my dream, or to warn me of the problems, some perhaps irresolvable, my idea has. I would not at all anyone telling me, not saying that directly, my idea is so bad that the best I can do is buy or copy the design of another designer. This would be the only solution if my idea is absolute nonsense.
    So bib_ak, go ahead with your idea. There are things in it that must be changed but basically your idea can be carried out. Why not?
    Later, now anyone can do it, should be evaluated whether the cost or effort to do what you want is worth, for you, for anyone else.
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