DIY inflatable tube for dinghy

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by uintahiker, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. uintahiker
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    uintahiker New Member

    I would like to glue an inflatable tube kit similar to the one in my profile pic for my 10-ft dinghy. I'd prefer not to taper the tubes though, keeping the diameter the same (about 7 -8 in.). And I don't need all the handles, etc.

    Can you help me do the following:
    1. How do I get the tubes to curve around the hull. I want to avoid bending the tubes and getting creases. (I'd prefer not to stovepipe the design, but will if it's essential.)
    2. How do I create three compartments by capping off each section? (I want one for the bow section and one on each side of the hull.)
    3. How do I create the nice flattened ends at the stern end of the tubes instead of cones. (I'll use cones if I have to, but think it looks better without.)

    *If anyone has plans already. I can reimburse you for your services.
    ** I'm using HH-66 adhesive and 18-oz. per yard PVC coated polyester fabric
  2. uintahiker
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    uintahiker New Member


    So 51 people looked at this and nobody knows how to build an inflatable collar for a dinghy. Oh well, I hoped for more.
  3. michael pierzga
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    Ive often looked at inflatables but I honestly dont know how they are constructed at the factory. Perhaps a trip to your local inflatable repair station might reveal valuable insights.

    My guess would be that you would glue the tube... "inside out"...then invert and add the ends.
  4. eyschulman
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    You put a short aluminum bolt rope track on boat mid beam just at or below waterline. Make or buy a float tub a little shorter than LOA. attach a flap with bolt rope to mid tube and tie down lines to each end. Slide bolt rope into track and tie ends of tub to cleats on bow and stern. You now have a rib that can be unribed in 60 sec.

  5. wet-foot
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    Get in touch with a tube builder. If you provide the material and the boat to be fitted to, the price should be very reasonable. Or if you prefer to have a go I would suggest making two long identical tubes about 12'. Cut the tube and redirect it to follow the hull. Cone tube ends are the easiest to build. I guarantee that when you are done, you will worship at the feet of all pro tube builders! I know I did. Good luck and enjoy the project........... and please post pics if you do this. Happy New Year
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