DIY 21 foot Cabin Cruiser (with video)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by steviepage101, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Heres the link to the video

    My friend and I built a 21 foot cabin cruiser from scratch using strictly wood from home depot. the project took 45 days to complete. We had no official plans we just sort of went at it, but in the end I think we came out with a solid product. Most importantly the building of the boat brought the community together, and in the end it floated nicely, too bad the motor we borrowed didn't work.
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  3. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    Brilliant guys
    its fantastic

    may you build boats for the rest of your life :)
    I'm almost 63 and my latest creation is also a bit "strange"

    good luck, because you WILL have fun for the rest of your life
    really really REALLY nice to see young people having fun
    and doing something constructive AND you have learned a lot more than you even know or might realise now

    absolutely love it :D :D :D
  4. kerosene
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    The fact that you did it is great. BUT its not a stable or strong boat so please use your heads. Don't try over powering and getting speed out of it. And don't go out on any kind of weather. I would strongly urge wearind PFDs. Partying drunk, somebody sleeping (passed out) in the cabin as the boat falls over is one easy to imagine disasterous scenario.

    Next time get plans and use proper materials. You will end up spending 3x money but you will get 10x the boat.

    Now have fun with it until it disintegrates. But please take some safety into consideration. When real catastrophic events take place laughter can quickly turn into tears that can't just get wiped off. At that point learning is too late.
  5. Mr Efficiency
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    Kerosene is right, of course. I see a future for this boat as a kid's cubby house though ! Complete with pirate paraphenalia. Maybe get the signwriter back to paint over the mermaids, that was a very professional looking bit of art !
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    Hunter S. Thompson would love it.

  7. Capt Drake
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    Great video and most important it was apparent that you guys enjoyed it.
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