Diving In! Hope The Waters Warm!

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    Been looking around the forum a bit and decided might as well go ahead and jump on in. I posted pictures of a project I am starting with a Dorsett Farallon I picked up just recently. It is going to need a lot of major work and I will have to be real patient but I truly believe she is going to be a winner. I joined in order to benefit from others knowledge regarding rebuilding and refurbishing old classics so I will probably drive everyone crazy with questions. (Note: I have never rebuilt a boat in my life). So, I will post more pictures once I get her all cleaned up and see what we have to deal with. Tell me your thoughts please. Cover Picture Eva Elizabeth.jpg
    Pictures I posted are in my albums or my photos I guess. It will take some time to figure out the ends and outs of this forum.

    PS: That Chris Craft was a no starter. The Dorsett was cooler looking anyway. More work, but way more interesting.
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