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Discussion in 'Education' started by raymond, Oct 16, 2004.

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    raymond Junior Member

    Is there any distance learning course for yacht interior construction and design? I desperate need it for fun. I have a high diploma in spatial design (interior design) and have more than 15 year of doing commercial and residential design. Now, I find somthing really interested me. That's YACHT Interior. Please advise.

    Many thanks

    raymond :?:
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    dvgale Boats_4_People


    You may be familiar with the ABYC Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, www.westlawn.org, as well as the MacNaughton School of Yacht Design, www.macnaughtongroup.com. There has been much input on these forums about these programs. However, I suspect that, specifically for interior design related work, these schools may be other than what you seek.

    You might try contacting an outfit called Transport Interiors. They are a commercial association serving the aircraft and yacht interior design and construction trades as well as interior designers of rail and motor coaches. They may be more aware than I about distance learning or other educational opportunities specifically geared to your endeavors. Their address and phone numbers are:

    Transport & VIP Interiors Group
    5950 La Place Court
    Suite 210
    Carlsbad, California 92008

    Tel.: (760) 804-1420
    Fax: (760) 804-1390

    Also try accessing: www.seacraft-interiors.com to learn more about this group. Note that, if you want to read their archived articles, you'll need to get a sign-on and password from them. In fact, within the next couple of months they're changing their format to a paid-subscription arrangement.

    Best of luck!

    Don Gale
    South Salem, NY
  3. raymond
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    raymond Junior Member

    Dear Dvgale,

    Thanks a lot. I go n check it out now.

    raymond :p

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