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Disruptive RBB Technolgy - Looking for investor / manufacturing partner.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mikefrancis, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Mikefrancis
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    Mikefrancis Junior Member

    Along with Naval Architect Ignacio
    Lopez of TANSL, we have designed and now patented in the US,
    a disruptive technology RBB (Rigid Buoyancy Boat) system,
    aimed at the recreational and commercial
    Dive / Rescue / Safety boat operator.

    The prototype is aluminum plate hulled, 5.8M LOA, trailerable, mid-engined
    and jet unit propelled, but it's the buoyancy system
    which will revolutionize this sector of the market. The design
    and technology is scaleable.

    Looking for a US-based investor, or manufacturer
    with established marketing channels in this sector.

    The design is fully engineered to ISO standards, and
    in CAD, for ease of transfer to CNC cutting.

    Please note - you will be asked to sign a mutual NDA, prior to
    disclosure, so US-based principals only please.

    Interested parties - please PM me with 'Project Armadillo'
    in the subject line.
  2. Baltic Bandit

    Baltic Bandit Previous Member

    The rule of thumb is that any investor being asked to sign an NDA before disclosure will run away
  3. Mikefrancis
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    Mikefrancis Junior Member

    I'm sure you know what you're taking about, Mr Bandit.
    You'd probably need to read the NDA first though.
    It's a mutual NDA, so the protection works both ways, this is a disruptive technology, and the requirement for
    an NDA is up-front - so no surprises later.
    Ergo - any potential investor / manufacturer "running away" - if a mutual NDA doesn't suit them - is just fine.
  4. Boat Design Net Moderator
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    Boat Design Net Moderator Moderator

    < Thread moved to the Marketplace forum; thread was initially cross-posted to both the Marketplace forum and Projects & Proposals. Since both an investor and a manufacturing partner are being sought it is a fine line, but since a nondisclosure agreement is required before details are provided it's unlikely to become a discussion thread in the collaboration discussion forum. Since what's desired is more to advertise the opportunity to request information than to discuss the project in detail on the public forum, the Marketplace forum will probably be a better fit.>
  5. Baltic Bandit

    Baltic Bandit Previous Member

    doesn't matter. I'm the CTO of a startup right now, and my sister is just selling out of hers.

    Investors aren't going to carry the info to another startup, if they like your idea, they will invest, if not they will move on. They get 10+ proposals per day that are "qualified" - they don't need the hassle of vetting an NDA with someone who wants money from them.

    an NDA will cut your investor community by 90%... and since you have a low shot of funding in the first place - that pretty much dries up your VC funds
  6. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    On the other hand, if the invention has been patented, why the need of an NDA? :confused:
  7. Mikefrancis
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    Mikefrancis Junior Member

    Mr Bandit - I'll reiterate - "running away" is fine.

    And Mr Daiquiri - Patents are toothless, unless they are policed, and
    any infringements remedied through the courts, usually expensively.
    It gives a measure of support to a claim, but
    is only a component, albeit a necessary one, particularly with a
    disruptive technology like this.

  8. Mikefrancis
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    Mikefrancis Junior Member

    NDA Signed - closing ad.

    And from a totally unexpected sector - the entrepreneurial spirit is alive, and well, and still thrives - at least in the mid-west USA.
    Mike Francis
    Armadillo Designs
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