Displacement hull for river / classic backdecker

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by JakubT, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    although i came through all threads here, i still have few things in mind. When looking for something different, i accidentally found
    hull from below ad.
    I really fell in love with her but my wife was scared of her rusty outlook.
    Although i think she looks reasonable, i dont want to divorce due the ship:)
    But still like their curves and styling.
    More of them here
    click also "varkauft"

    Arent they beautifull?

    I am curious if anybody is selling plas for similar bouts.

    Second thing how should ideal displacement hull for river environment look alike? Going downstream is easy, what about way up the stream with currents between 5 and 7 knots (Donau and Elbe)?
    I dont want to design it on my own, i will probably ask our few landlocked NAś. But as they have experience rather with barges and houseboats,
    i would like to know what i shall expect from them. Most efficient hull form displacement cruising with small diesel like Perkins, or Kubota.

    I found similar plans at DN Goodchild site but they are plywood.
    Or if anybody in Europe, preferably is offering similar plans.
    Looking for boat up to 790 cm and beam up to 240 cm.

    Can you tell me what to keep in mind and not avoid during preparation process? Many thanks in advance.
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