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    Soy ingeniero naval de 28 años y por motivos personales me trasladaré a Barcelona en Enero de 2008.
    Estoy buscando empleo en empresas de diseño de iates. Tengo experiencia en los cálculos de hidrodinámica y aerodinámica de iates por lo que busco un puesto de trabajo que me permita desarrollar proyectos semejantes y participar de la parte creativa que eso conyeva. Les anexo mi Currículo a continuación.


    Joao Bettencourt



    I am a 28 year old naval architect and I'll be moving to Barcelona next January. I'm looking for a job in yacht design offices. I have experience in hydro and aerodynamic calculations for yachts and I'm searching for a position in which I can work in that area, but also to be part of the whole creative process.

    My CV is shown below.

    Best Regards

    Joao Bettencourt

    ----------------------------- Curriculum Vitae


    Postal Adress: Rua Antonio Pedro de Carvalho nr. 17 3 E
    1885-005 Moscavide

    Telephone: (351) 219 436 224
    Mobile: (351) 914 835 332

    E-mail: joaohbettencourt@gmail.com or joao.paulo.bettencourt@gmail.com


    April 2007 – Present

    Consultant Naval Architect at QTEL – Qualidade Total e Logística


    • Conduction of shipyard technological surveys for the project “A Survey of Technologies in the Portuguese Shipyards”, sponsored by the Portuguese Maritime Industries Association and the Portuguese Ministry of Economy

    Jan 2004 – Present

    Research Assistant at INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TECNICO – Unit of Marine Technology and Engineering


    • Design of wind tunnel force measurement balance with strain gages
    • Development of an experimental program in a wind tunnel to study ship and sail aerodynamics
    • Modelling and calculation of hydrodynamic flows around keels and bulbs using Computational Fluid Dynamics software CFX
    • Development of a Velocity Prediction Program in Matlab for prediction of sailing yachts speed and heading

    November 2005 – January 2006

    Visiting Researcher at Laboratory of Mechanics of Turbulence – Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


    • Wind tunnel tests with measurements of boundary layer profiles by hot wire anemometry

    June 2001 – December 2003

    Undergraduate Research Assistant at INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TECNICO – Unit of Marine Technology and Engineering


    • Development of software in FORTRAN to calculate forces in yacht’s sails and airfoil sections of keels


    Bettencourt, J. H., Fonseca, N. e Guedes Soares, C., “A Program for the Prediction of Sailing Yacht Performance”, Actas das 9ªs Jornadas Tecnicas de Engenharia Naval, 25 – 26 Novembro 2004, Lisboa, pp 545-564

    Bettencourt, J. H., Fonseca, N. e Guedes Soares, C., “A Procedure for the Hydrodynamic Optimization of Yachts Keels”, Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Yacht Design MDY’04, 25 – 26 Março 2004, Madrid


    2006 Post Graduate Diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
    Instituto Superior Tecnico (final score 15 points out of 20)

    Main Subjects (Course Assignment):

    • Advanced Ship Dynamics (Calculation of hull pressures with strip theory)
    • Marine Structural Design (FE analysis of hot spot stresses & calculation of ultimate bending moments on box girders)
    • Modelling of Marine Environment (Prediction of sea state off the Portuguese coast in Viana do Castelo using SWAN software)

    2003 5 year degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
    Instituto Superior Tecnico (final score 14 points out of 20)

    Main Subjects:

    • Ship Design
    • Resistance and Propulsion
    • Structural Design
    • Ship Dynamics
    • Ship Stability


    39th WEGEMT Summer School “Optimistic – Optimization in Marine Design”
    May 2003, Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    QTEL – Quality Auditing Short Course
    April 2003, Edificio Portugalia, Lisbon, Portugal

    37th WEGEMT Summer School “Advanced Shipbuilding and Shipping – Competitive Ship Production”
    November 2002, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain


    Graduate Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects nr. 00247659


    Portuguese: Native
    English: Fluent (Oral and Written)
    Spanish: Basic (Oral and Written)
    French: Basic Understanding


    Office Applications
    Programming in FORTRAN and Matlab
    CFX (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
    ANSYS (Finite Element Analysis)
    AutoCAD (2D)


    Date of Birth: 09/12/1978

    Nationality: Portuguese

    Marital Status: Single
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