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    I have recently purchased a steel Adams which is generally in very good condition. However the watertanks, 6 in total & which are part of the hull, have a lot of dirt as well as paint coming of. Some of the tanks I can access easily, others less well.
    Two questions: a/ what is a good way of cleaning away the old paint, and preparing the tanks for new paint, especially considering that some parts are difficult to access; b/ I would like to isolate 2 tanks (the most accessible) from the existing freshwater circuit, into in separate circuit used exlusively for drinking water. What is a good coating material regarding, safety & quality of water (odor, taste, ...)?

    Thanks for your help
    Crazy Goose
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    i use(great long time results, international tank liner(paint) perhaps you can not sandblast, so you have big problem getting away all old paint flakes I would sand with corse paper, then use a number one epoxy undercote then 3 coats brush inter tankage liner
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