Dingy with no longditudals

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by benmww, Feb 22, 2007.

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    Hi everyone
    I'm building a 3.5metre dingy that has no hardwood in the entire thing!
    just plywood
    it also has no longditudals and I'm wondering how doI hold the shape together while putting the plywood planels on the frames
    or maybe i should stich and glue the planel and then add the frames second
    any help on the topic at all would be great
    I designed the boat's structure based on a scull/sailing dingy called oxygen
    it was at some of the wooden boat festivals as well
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    Can you erect the frames on a temporary backbone?
    For thin plywood skins some longitudinal stringers make the building much easier.
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    If you know the shapes of the panels, you can stitch along the chines/panel edges. If the panel shapes are correct, you can bend your panels around your transverse frames and everything should meet up.

    Check out this tutorial for some ideas


    Good luck!
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