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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by amevy, May 12, 2009.

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    Par +1. And, a couple of things came to mind from experience. First and foremost is the idea that this is a project...will need small trailer later and storage also...but then also consider the labor and if a decent boat is available...like my Kite...reasonably, including decent Hobie Cats etc.

    Boat projects are or should be labors of love and one needs to be prepared to deal with surprises...lots of them, unless lucky like I was, but even so, stuff must me done and done correctly. It is a boat, and so on, serious stuff.

    If you remove the deck section, that is if you can, be cautious as it may be what keeps the bottom section in the proper shape, if it can be removed.

    I revamped a Kite dinghy and ran into some of what is below as have others and have some pics.

    The deck and hull sections may be joined at the seam behind the rub or impact rail that runs on each side from bow to transom and likely easily (well generally) separated with one of those vibrating tools Sears and other stores sell. It may be fastened with pop rivets, screws and poly...

    However, it may turn our that the deck is also fastened at the centerboard trunk... and still attached at the trunk somewhere (which could also be a leak source) if so.

    I would not force it, just lift the edges enough to remove the stinky stuff chucks at a time. If it also a leak source, I honestly cannot advise there, as I did not have that precise problem.

    The boat may also have an interior support athwart at the aft of the deck, which the truck is located...stiffeners and will remain glued...again, new ball game.

    That not so small consideration aside. If you can remove the foam with the deck still anchored, fine.

    Maybe replace with a few pieces of decent pool noodles or whatever for flotation...

    The bottom may lose its shape temporarily, but should go back to normal when the deck is refastened to hull seam.

    If you can find spars, likely laying in a back yard somewhere, look and be patient...otherwise, you can make out of material from SpeedyMetals on line. but I would seriously consider using throw-awary base damaged (usually cracked) windersurfing spars.

    The gooseneck you can make or buy used...small versions, as well as the stays/shrouds and forestay which likely doubles as jib stay...sounds fun, keep us posted...might be worth it, one way or the other...
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