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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by schwing, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. schwing
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    schwing Junior Member

    Can anyone give me the names of some designers that that designed dinghies and yachts, I have looked at Phil Morrison and Uffa fox already, but cant immeadiately think of any others. :confused:
  2. Doug Lord

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    dinghies and yachts

    Paul Bieker-I14's and a couple larger boats...
    Bruce Kirby -I think...
    Morelli and Melvin -multihulls-A class and larger
    Bob Ames- Vanguard Nomad and larger
    Don Martin-Martin 16 and at least a 23-24 ft raceboat-probably others
    Bruce Farr-some dinghies in NZ-and you know the rest
    Iain Murray (of MBD)- 18' skiffs , the Magic 25 and acc boats among many others
    Clark Mills-designer of the Optimist Pram, Windmill and other larger"yachts"
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  3. SailDesign
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    SailDesign Old Phart! Stay upwind..

    Ian Howlett - loads of 14s, plus metre boats of all sizes and a couple of cruizy-boats.
  4. SeaDrive
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    I'm not sure what you mean by yacht (sail and/or power), or if you mean only raceboats, but..

    Nathaniel Herreshoff, William & John Atkin, William Garden, Brit Chance, Olin Stephens, Philip Rhodes, John Alden, William Shaw, Van de Stadt, Thomas Wylie, Laurent Giles
  5. Doug Lord

    Doug Lord Guest

    dinghies AND Yachts

    I think he's(she's-my apology for such presumption) looking for designers who have done sailing dinghy's AND larger sailboats as well-please correct me if I'm wrong-those are the designers I listed. My rough definition was : dinghy-anything under 20'; yacht anything 20 and over...
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  6. schwing
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    schwing Junior Member

    yeah, preferably racing dinghies and racing yacht, but anything really. thanks guys.

  7. Sean Herron
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  8. schwing
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    schwing Junior Member

    did these people also design yachts?
  9. Astray
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    Astray New Member

    As a swede, allow me to contribute to your list by adding Per Brohäll (spellt with an "a" with two dots; could as well be spellt "ae"). His fame as designer covers the 27-foot cruising boat "Vega" (Albin Vega), built to a numder of at least 3 000 and spread worldwide (I think). He has also designed the "Trissjolle", a 14-foot dinghy built to a number exceeding 4 000 and being quite popular in Sweden for racing amongst juniors and mixed crews (parent/child).
  10. tspeer
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    tspeer Senior Member

  11. sorenfdk
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    sorenfdk Yacht Designer

    I guess most of you know the OK dinghy (at least those of you who live in Europe!). It was designed by Knud Olsen, who also designed a number of sailing yachts.
  12. fadgadget
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    fadgadget Junior Member

    Dr jüs segger a german designer who's seggerling is quite popular over there, he also designed some more dinghy's or dinghy styled boats

  13. atlantico
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    atlantico Designer

    Dinghy designer

    Greg Siewert (Siewert Design)
    Co-designed the Hobie Wave with M&M and the Wahoo with Mangia Onda.
    Hobie had sold over 3,000 Wave's.
    The Wahho won a bronze award from IDSA in 2003. Worked with Corsair too.

    siewert design
  14. CT 249
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    CT 249 Senior Member

    Re "did these eople also design yachts?"

    Kirby did a fairly succesful 12 metre in '83 IIRC, a number of good IOR boats, and small day keelboats like the Sonar.

    Proctor did the Olympic Tempest lift-keel yacht.

    Jack Holt; wasn't his only yacht the YW Keelboat/Diamond? Another day racing boat, sort of like a hard-chine Etchells.

    John Spencer (NZ) pretty much introduced the Ultra-light maxi with Infidel (two-time Transpac winner) and also created the outstanding Cherub and Javelin and other dinghies.

    Murray Burns Dovell do America's Cup boats and 18' skiffs and the Sydney/BH range of IRC/IMS boats among others.

    Ian Murray, no longer really associated with the design side of MBD AFAIK, did skiffs and the Kookaburra 12 metres, 1987 America's Cup defence.

    Ben Lexcen started off on skiffs and dinghies (ie International Contender) and moved into succesful offshore yachts and then, of course, America's Cup winniner Australia II.

    Bruce Farr started with a 10'6" dinghy as a 14 year old (or thereabouts), moved into International Moths with success, then into skiffs and then into yachts.

    His design partner Russ Bowler started off in Cherub dinghies, then into skiffs and then yachts.

    William Atkin created the 125 ft2 development class ("Suicides") which the Herreshoffs were also into.

    John Westell created a quarter tonner and some other yachts after he did the 505, but they were not great successes.

    Jacques Faroux, famous for his IOR boats and now for his Open 60s etc, started off designing in International Moths in which he was a world champ.

  15. gybeset
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    gybeset Junior Member

    any designer of either can go to the "Lord" to brush up on the latest techniques anyway ! so no problem p.s. when will that Bible be published ??

    most Aus or Kiwi gurus have dabbled in Skiffs and yachts/sportsboats so can handle any crossover
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