Dimensions For Thai Drag Boat Anyone?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by milona, Apr 14, 2018.

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    I was wondering if anyone could help with the dimensions on a long tail that drag boat. and what materials i should use wood wise for the build. any help in the right direction will help!! thank you. i can fin anything on the internet on them. the design looks fairly simple from the stringers and the rocker. just want to make sure it will support the engine we will be putting in it. i just wanna go fast with my friends ;)
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    http://www.glen-l.com/designs/special/special-images/dsn-wthc.jpg. a bit "fat" but much better stability - while turning and in small waves than the thai dragster

    http://glen-l.com/designs/hankinson/kh-images/026flats-miller-2.jpg a 5/8 scale model of this boat should give you the performance your looking for. with an 85 hsp 650 cc Kawasaki super twin , carbon fiber shaft, and cast magnesium surface drive prop you can reach well over 100 knots. Within USGC rating!

    if you saw this...then..seems simple enough - go with the stepped design unless you think bonus style points for flapping your boat up and down are worth something. Torque the motor down to hardwood or steel with rubber engine mounts. apparently they swivel in two planes.

    if top speed is not "everything" then go with the Filipino bangka. They work fine still in sea state 6, limited fetch, although there was some additional "excitement" completely missed by the camera. The yellow boat was faster in the "flats" but pushed to hard a couple times in "mountainous" 1-2 meter waves (for a 5 meter boat - hell yes) and lost. Verifiable 30+ knots in moderate weather (fishing class no engine mods - 18 hsp "barracuda") . Not unimaginable or "wild" at all that one scaled up to 45 meters couldn't circumnavigate EARTH NON-STOP loping along at 16-30 knots(surfing). Forget monohulls, get yourself a real boat.
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    You gotta love the "outriggers"!

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    Episode 6 of Season 1 of Driving Wild has someone (former Formula 1 Mechanic who tries to build vehicles around the world) building one and racing it (or rather a local chap races the boat) in Thailand. Will give you a very good indication of materials, methods, and a very good feel for length and dimensions etc. And an indication of the work/time involved (which may be minimal depending on free time at hand). Discovery Channel programme. You might pick the episode up somewhere, or be able to download it (legally of course).
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