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    I recently decided to start building a boat and am trying to pick a plan. We want a fairly simple offshore fishing boat. Preferably center console. This is our first boat building project but we have a few friends who are experienced and can help us along the way. We want between 28 and 35 feet long. Right now we are leaning towards this boat

    How difficult would a boat like this be to build

    Also we are looking for any other similar designs.
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    A bit lofty for a first build but doable. You would have to pay attention to details and be able to forgive yourself a few mistakes here and there. Your biggest concern is going to be setting up the jig/framing/support. The more attention to detail in getting everything level and square the better the result. You're gonna get gooey, sweaty, dusty...you're gonna want to kick it, burn it, give it away...and you WILL cuss at it. Double the estimated time they give you to build it and you might come close. Add at least 20% in epoxy use from the estimate for waste and another 5% to your wood bill for the "cut it twice and its still too short" situations. Expect to dump a few hundred to a grand on tools...but you might use them again. You'll need a decent covered place to build that you can use for a long time...life tends to get in the way of the fun stuff.

    Yep...you can do it if you decide you can.

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    Ummmmmm......yeah, what lewisboats said......
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