Difficulty finding 25hp Johnson specs etc.

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by valvebounce, Apr 23, 2017.

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    valvebounce Senior Member

    I've just purchased a 1998 25hp johnson outboard,Illinois-12 1998
    JR 25 RLEEB.Serial number-G04668104.
    I have looked on various sites and have failed to find the JR suffix.
    I am from the UK.I don't know the initial purchasing history,but I think it was bought new in the mid Wales area UK.
    Can anybody help me out?
    Power-18.7 KW. Mass-54 KG
    I am trying to find out the starting and running procedures.
    Any info will be gratefully received
  2. redtech
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    valvebounce, by the serial number its a 1999 but one year is going to matter
    just starting to work on boats again after a five year break but I have the service manuals in my garage and will try and get the serial broken down properly
    just cant do it all by memory right now all I could say is its a Johnson rope start 20 inch shaft 1999
    if you just what the owners manual I believe I have a copy I can scan to you
  3. powerabout
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    post a photo of the engine with the cowl off
    operator manuals can be bought from here
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