Differences between Strike 18 and 20 Trimarans?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by mystrwizard, Oct 4, 2016.

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    I recently purchased plans for the Strike 18 but have been intrigued by the Strike 20 and curious why is the 20 classified as more "performance"? reason being, Im having the hardest time tracking down donor hulls in the 17' range, i.e. Nacra 5.2 but do seem to be more boats slightly bigger for sale, like the nacra 5.8 and such.

    If someone is out there maybe they could help with the differences between the two boats, the 18 and 20 other then size?


  2. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    The cockpit size is about the same on both boats. However the Strike 18 has a big wrap round windshield. the 20 doesn't. The Strike 20 has a self draining cockpit and no aft locker. The 18 has an aft locker and a deep non self draining cockpit

    Combined, that means the Strike 18 is more suitable for family sailing with nervous or non sailors. The Strike 20 is more for those who want to race or sail fast. And the 20 is more suited for open water sailing as it has a self draining cockpit
    Clearly the Strike 20 with its bigger rig and longer hulls is the faster boat

    If you do want to up grade plans to a 20 then please email me

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs

    www.sailingcatamarans.com (website is now back online)
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    Tom.151 Best boat so far? Crowther Twiggy (32')


    The new 20 looks great (from the build blog link I found on your website) - be interesting if folks start to appreciate the sleek lines and self bailing cockpit of the 20.

    Best of luck with the new design.

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    Nacra 5.8 donor hulls too heavy for Strike 20?

    Ive got a Nacra 5.8 that I can use the hulls for building a Strike 20, I know they are appropriate for the build, but Ive heard that they are a bit on the heavy side for building the Strike 20.

    Would they still be sufficient or should I look for alternative donor hulls?

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