DIESEL TRUCK engine Marinization

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by FAST FRED, Aug 21, 2004.

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    Have you ever looked at a paper called Boats&Harbors? They have a lot of listings for used diesel engines. They have about any trpe of commerical boat, for sale, in the world. The cost is $15. a years for three issues a month.Phone# is 1-931-484-6100, USA.

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    u like radical do u Fred http://home.online.no/~joeolavl/viking/index.htm well i think the vik ship applys since most of the drakkars and sutch were around 11-1 some of the fastest MOTOR sailers of their age they were commenly rowed which keeps going over the heads of some of the modern designers of sailboats,,,eeeek it has engines!...and im all for brian e's swept forward mast cutter rigging as for engines ..well i like cat power and i like the idea of a dry engine room w out all those thru hull fittings and useing truck engines and trannys which are commenly avaliable in 5 9 15 and 18 spds now a days which would allow finer tuneing of rpm to prop speed for any conditions also allows easy staggered multiplxing of 2 engins on one prop and the abilty to easily use one or the other or both together i have this thing agianst having just one engine..i cant concieve of not haveing a spare really when u really need it
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