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Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by bertram28, Jun 5, 2005.

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    bertram28 New Member

    I ve just purchased a 1973 Bertram28 FBC that has two(2) 1992 PMC 260hp gas engines. I would like to repower with diesel engines but I do not want to pay the new engine (ie YANMAR) high price. Could somebody recommend a used diesel engine choice for this boat?
    Thank you
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    What your paying for with the Yanmars is the very high power to little weight.

    Any diesel from a used truck would be far heavier than you could use.

    Steyer also had very light weight diesels , but parts , service life and reliability are still an unknown.

    IF you could find out what the gas consumption at cruise was in GPH per engine , you may find a diesel with lower rated HP will provide same cruise speed and still be light enough.


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    you can find VOLVO TAMD 31's they will fit fine they are very rebuildable if need be.and should be cheap it wont be a speed boat ,but will push it allong fine on no feul at all.Findind used yanmar takeout's is rare but it happens I saw a pair of 4LH-STE 230 HP yanmars that are perfect for your boat for 10'000 each.They are long gone now.You can squeze in 6 cylinder VOLVO's like TAMD 41 42 43 or KAMD 42 43 but you may have to make a hump on the bottom of the hull for the transmition and getting to the belt's and raw water pump is a ***** because it will be only a few inches from the bulkhead.And those KAMD motors have allot of belt maintenance more than any other motor around.Old VOLVO's are a dime a dozen and easy to rebuild if needed.The KAMD VOLVO is a good motor once a mechanic has gone thrue every thing and the owner is made to understand how important maintenece on them.Very high maintenece.Well good luck

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    I've seen several with Cummins 4Bs, again, no speed boat, but those engines are available reasonably.
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