Diesel/Hydrogen Hybrid Trawler

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Towboat Ed, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Its hopeless mydauphin he is completely mad and has no idea what he is talking about.
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    I'm completely mad
    Your are well behaved

    All is needed to make a world

    Maths and nuclear physics again just like when i was 20 ?
    If i have enough money why not, will make me feel younger !

    So i return to school ...and you will be the teacher, i guess ?
    A car runs with fuel...Repeat after me : FUEL !!!

    Kistinie, punished, i said fuel not hydrogen and sun.

    Tell this also to Yull Brown, Stanley Meyer that are pioneers of hydrogen with ice and all mathematician and astrophysicists studying black energy as ...they do not respect universal gravitation !

    And a proton, can you show me one ?
    No, but they exist.

    Please open you eyes or at least do not close the other's eyes.
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    Yes, I can show you one. I can calculate, to fifteen decimal places, exactly what the properties of a proton should be and how it should behave in a given experiment. Then I can strip one from its atom, accelerate it, smash it into a bubble chamber, and see exactly- and I mean exactly- the behaviour I predicted to fifteen decimal places before I did the experiment. Never in the history of science have we had a theory as precise or well-proven as the Standard Model. We know it's not the whole story, but it's the best theory we have, and anything that supersedes it will have to explain how the new theory reduces to the Standard Model in all the cases we've seen so far. Just like how quantum mechanics and general relativity both reduce to the Newtonian formulation of mechanics, in the limit of large size and low speed respectively.
    I have several friends who are heading up multi-million dollar labs to measure things like neutrinos, dark matter, etc. They have detailed theories and mathematical models to guide the design of their equipment, and to analyze the data they collect. Please do not offend these top-calibre physicists by comparing them with free energy water car tinkerers.

    You will recall, of course, that general relativity- the successor to Newtonian gravitation- is the theory that led to the prediction that the missing mass believed to be accounted for by dark matter and dark energy must exist.
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Like it like that

    I really like it better when you talk with facts like this.

    You see a trace of a proton passing, not the proton.
    But this is not important

    So you have seen just like me how a formula right on day (sorry newton and Einstein), gets wrong later.
    Mass and energy is missing on galaxies turning too slowly...

    If this is able to false gravitation laws, it may contains some energy ?

    So why do you mind imaging other proprieties to elements like water or gas, why don't you accept this idea to ad parameter to thermodynamic and physics ?

    Really i do not see a lot of difference between research in space and about energy.

    Let the experiments live and check the results
    Being open doesn't mean idiot accepting anything.

    You should rather be enthusiastic with all these open patent about hydrogen and alternatives to fuel ?
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  6. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Have you a friend that is a psychiatrist ?
    He will explain you that your repeated criticism are based on your personal weaknesses.
    In fact you speak of you, not of me
    Pathetic isn't it ?

    Cheers !

    For amateur builders :


    Rules are not 316 ss i guess, but some good ideas !
    shalom !

    in a more general way does anyone has technical information on electrolyse and how to rise efficiency.
    What is the impact of neutral plates ? Reduce amps, yes, but how ?
    What space is the best ? 3, 4 or 5 mm ?

    Research shows also 100 bar / 500° gives much better efficiency on electrolyse
    For home use, this is not realistic...
  7. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    This study is dedicated to H2 solar production from water

    Bringing H² to the engine from a H² bottle works great (just like LPG, in fact)
    Solar production of H² on the fly is of course bringing energy to an engine but will need big solar panels to get enough H². Roughly 10 amps/12v can give 1 litre per minute
    A 0.350 Litre engine like the Yanmar 1GM10 (9hp) will get aprox. 150Litre air per minute at 1000 Rpm, so, i let you imagine the moderate result. Now, it is not negative or unnecessary as at least the particles emission reduces, and amps can be increassed a lot with a good wind/solar installation

    In the case of production from a car alternator my personal test let me think the benefit may be much more reduced, and stability of the electrolyse amps is far from evident...
    For this reason i'm afraid that the device to be efficient will need additional batteries to stock solar energy (far less difficult and dangerous than stocking H²), so additional weight or ....Dangerous compressed H² bottles.
    In the case of an hybrid boat with a very small ICE and a big electric power, this could make sense when batteries are full to keep on producing energy under the form of H².
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    This FORUM is about boats, not Mad, Weird or Cutting edge theory. BOATS
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Ah Ah Ah

    But you should have put more white in the middle.

    Do you think using colour and big police will give you ideas more weight ?

    You make me think to my young cousin trying to impose his ideas by shouting, his face turning green to finish red.
    He is 4 :D

    And Yanmar is a chocolate cake maker ?

    Thank you for this fun time ! Realy you are lightening my day.

    Kind regards !
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    It allows for the "greater" burning of fuel in the same space, however longevity of a very expensive engine isn't likely.
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    Do YOU think repeating your unproven, unmature and silly ideas does give them ANY weight?

    And you are like your cousin, maybe some four or five years older. Well it´s all in the genes, is it?

  12. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Do not mix the subject and the writer

    H² producing is an immature technology, yes it can be said.

    H² is unproven ...To you and a few... only !

    H² is silly...No this gas is just dangerous, and light. Silly gas ? No sorry i do not understand.

    Please stop doing soup with this subject, mixing all the ideas instead of splitting the problem in smaller problems. Remember René DESCARTES please


    Now if it make you feel much better, keep on insulting me ;-)
    Oh ! By the way, did you read the last line on plebusmaximus post ?

    To come back to the subject and be more constructive, who knows how H² can be compressed and stocked once produced by electrolyse ?
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    When are you going to prove us wrong kistinie? I really hope that you build your dream boat and prove us wrong. Until then, could you please stop filling up the forums with nonsense? That's right.........Meaningless nonsense.

    If you want to talk about boats, I'd be more than happy to oblidge. If you want to talk about changing the laws of physics, please go to a science forum. I am here for facts, not immature ideas.
  14. kistinie
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    What is wrong with using H² on a boat ?
    Electrolysing water, burning H², compressing H², is respecting the low of physics.

    Where is the nonsense ?
    Did H² stole your wife or your money ? No
    So what have you got to be so upset with this subject ?

    The danger of explosion ?

    Sorry but your opposition is arbitrary, not based on facts
    I'm sorry if a few of you feel unhappy with this molecule, but this is not my problem.

    H2 is a solution to stock energy without weight, so in this spirit is is an interesting way to study

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    Ok Kristinie
    Lets clear this. And lets try to be precise instead of mixing all kinds of concepts.

    If you disagree with following points please explain why

    1. Modern gasoline and diesel engines burn practically all fuel in the combustion. Low efficiency is not due to unburned fuel but due to lost work and heat.

    2. Electrolysis has existed as a known way of creating hydrogen for over 100 years.

    3. Creating hydrogen with electrolysis takes more energy than is possible to recover by burning it.

    4. In models of "hydrogen society" hydrogen acts like a battery. It is being created with solar/wind/nuclear and used as portable fuel for transportation.

    5. Modern computer controlled engine does pretty good job adjusting the mixture under different loads. Adding meaningful amount of extra fuel would require adjustments to the computer.

    That would be a great start in clearing the discussion. Number 1 is crucial because the HHO folks (who work under their grand international association) tend to lie that engines only burn 30% of the fuel.

    "Reduce your Carbon Footprint !! HHO reduces Harmful Emmisions by up to 90% !!" - from www.water4fuel4boats.com

    A common suggestion is that the added hydrogen will help burn the mixture faster and hotter. Well hotter is not good - why do we have egr systems? When there is a really hot burning going on the nitrogen in air starts to burn and create nitrogen oxides - which are bad pollutants, Modern engines fight against this.
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