Diesel Duck 41

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    Didn't want to be to much of a lurker so I'm taking a moment to say hello. I'm moderately active on a couple other boat building forums and recently found this one. I'm really enjoying the knowledge base here as there seems to be a bit more concentration on the science of boat building. cool stuff.

    I'm a novice boat buildier but a long time amateur woodworker. Kinda stumbled into the boat building hobby, but when I did it just clicked. My current big project is the building of a 41' Diesel Duck in wood designed by George Buehler. I also have a smaller build going on with a Glen-L designed 14' Zip.

    I have a blog that is documenting my progress on the Diesel Duck build here:


    I also have a video series of the build on YouTube here:


    Looking forward to contributing to the forum here where I can and learning as much as possible.

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