Diagonal Teak Decks?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by LTDboatdesign, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone,

    It occured to me yesterday after years of looking at traditional teak decks, but more importantly teak veneer decks that I have never seen the teak places diagonally to the centerline. Obviously a boat built in the traditional manner relies on the direction of the heavy teak planks but why hasn't anyone laid the planking diagonally, or if they have, please share.

    I think a boat with a teak veneered deck, laid around 45 degrees to the centerline and sweeping back might look cool, I also think it would be easier to install than sprung deck, maybe not easier than strait laid.

    I have no doubt that people hold strong feelings to the way a deck should look and I am eager to hear them.

  2. gonzo
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    You could glue parquet pattern teak decks if that is what you like. I have seen diagonal laid decks on cold molded boats with pronounced compounded curves on the decks. There is nothing wrong with it; just a bit unconventional.
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    I've laid teak veneer diagonally, but not anywhere close to 45 degrees. I did it to mimic the king plank's taper in one case and have used tapered and angled planks to simulate sprung planking on small craft or short foredecks. It's tedious work and not for the faint of heart, but fairly easy if you've played with edge setting veneers before.

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    Try to find some photos of a SUNDOWNER tug on Yachtworld. Neat boat but for the 45 degree deck planks :-(
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