Development of an concept boat for Nimbus Group

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jesper97, Jan 24, 2022.

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    This spring I´m doing my Master thesis at Nimbus Group where I will develop a concept for an electric boat targeted at day use.

    Right now I´m doing a customer study to identify how boaters use their boats for day trips, and the general interest in electric boats. It would be great if you took a few minutes of your time to answer the survey.

    Customer study for an electric day boat

    Thankful for your answer :)
    Best regards Jesper
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    I took the survey. If you don't mind, I'd like to critique it just a bit.

    I like fishing. The issue I have with electric is always the same. I have a fear of getting stranded. Almost anyone who has boated for 30-40 years will tell you, dead start batteries are a reality and a problem. This is no different for an electric boat. A range miscalculation, or windage affecting the range are all things that remind me of dead start batteries.

    The number one issue for boaters and electric is a dead boat. And for this reason, as a matter of course, rather than working so hard to eliminate fossil fuels; hybridization is a key first step. What does this mean? Well, some type of fuel based system that can support a dead boat would be essential for me. Is this a large generator? I don't know, but I always like to have a backup system. On my boat, my backup is a rope pulled smaller outboard. So often the all or none wants to be taken which was the tone of the survey.

    But a key to getting people to electric is the guarantee they won't have a dead boat; otherwise, the customer base is limited to those who do not mind a dead boat and that pretty much takes out all of North America and Canada.
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    Thank you fallguy for your input, never fun to be stranded with a dead boat.
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    I am in agreement with Fall Guy. If you run out of juice, you are in trouble. But there are safeguards. Simple meters to reveal the charge start of the batteries will be sufficient for assessing the remaining usefulness of the electric propulsion mechanism. Does that not also apply to the fuel Guage for the IC engine.?

    Some degree of attentiveness can be applied to both electric and chemical fuel propulsion schemes. What the hell, that also applies to sail. One would not intentionally or sensibly, sail into an area devoid of winds as previously predicted by local meteorologists.

    Good seamanship includes the careful monitoring of reserve energy capacity to reach a safe destination.
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