Developed New Type of Soft Wing Sail: Wing'soul

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by mfly, Feb 9, 2021.

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    During the summer of 2020, I developed a new type of wing sail. I was thinking about a new type of sail that would be ideal for a cruiser ever since I bought my boat, in 2016.

    I made a small trial sail as a prototype. The major obstacle was testing the rig, as I do not have a sailing dinghy, and there are few sailboats around where I am based (eastern Romania).

    Check out the Instructable, if you want full details on this rig.

    Wing’soul. Easiest to Build Wing Sail.

    * Wing sail that requires NO rotating mast
    * No articulating hinge for camber control or tacking
    * Flat cut mainsail and jib; a first timer can tackle the sailmaking
    * Reduced mast turbulence; better slot effect
    * Has all the great properties of a junk rig: docile handling, sea worthy, easy to reef, great twist control, no sail flogging, no sheeting winches, easy downwind sailing, auto-tacking, easy to jerry rig if it rips (by lashing battens together), easy and cheap to repair because parts are general (not marine/sailboat specific), sail canvas can be UV-resistant, one working sail (no need for a sail wardrobe)

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    That is a very interesting design. I assume, for larger vessel applications, some cutout can be made to accommodate spreaders.

    I would love to see pictures of it in action.

    -Will (Dragonfly)
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    Your sail looks similar to Paul McKay's Aerojunk rig. He posts on the Junk Rig Association Website. Maybe you can collaborate with him.

    The Junk Rig Association - Improving Paul McKay's Wishbone Junk
    The Junk Rig Association - The Aerojunk
    The Junk Rig Association - AeroJunk Update

    After reading your Instructable I see that you are very aware of Paul McKay and his Aerojunk. My bad! :( Would like to see how your sail works on a boat, as I'm sure you would too.
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