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Discussion in 'Software' started by Styrofoam, May 29, 2012.

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    Okay, am fairly new to this, been playing with several boat design software and eventually I manage to find a lovely design that I would like to do in fiberglass. The problem is...

    How do I go from the 3D model of the boat to actual plans to making the boat.

    The plan is to make the boat hull, fiberglass it over to become a mould that will then be used to make the actual boat. The problem is, the mould then needs to be fairly accurate if I plan on making several version of this boat.

    After spending countless hours on Delftship subdividing the control net, setting the accuracy to very high and generating up to 50 walls to intersect at each 0.2m increments, the final result is okay but not enough to generate a mould at least and it takes me 20 minutes to do each intersect.

    I did find a lovely feature of adding stations. This is really just about perfect for what I want to do, is there a way to print out all of the stations to scale somehow so that they can be printed out and cut onto some ply wood to eventually form up the skeletal structure of the hull then be cladded and a mould made from it?

    Thanks in advance for any help. If your lost, let me know and I'll simplify this post and add pictures of what's going on.
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    Well I just figured out how to accomplish all of this in Delft Ship.

    Simply generate the Stations and Buttocks lines at the intervals required. Once done turn off Control Net view and Interior edges.

    You should be left with just a view of some lines defining your design.

    Now turn on the view for the buttocks and stations, make sure they are what you want.

    Go to Export and export as 2D DXF Polylines. Set the accuracy to what you like and enable single file generation along the directory to output all the files.

    Hit OK and wait, can take a while if you have it set to high accuracy and have a lot of stations and buttocks.

    Once done you will have a folder full of all the stations and buttocks that you generated. They can be opened in any DXF viewer or Autocad.

    From there you can print it to scale, trace it onto your wooden sheets, cut it out and start the assembly of your boats skeleton ready to be cladded and fiberglassed over to make your mould.

    Hope this helps.
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