Designing your own mini yacht

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Furkan, Nov 24, 2021 at 5:24 AM.

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    Hello all;

    Greetings from a rainy day,

    I always had an idea of having my own small pleasure craft, yet which was more important than having it is being able to design it by myself. I do know how yacht builders approach that kind of question and take method along their journey; however, i have no deep knowledge nor experience in deep aspects of detail designing.
    Gathering ideas on how that boat will be used, what kind of specifications it should hold, under what conditions it will be used and on are not quite difficult and anyone can sketch a draft for them without considering the concerns of naval architecture. Resistance, propulsion, bow and aft form, stability, strength of construction are to be analysed independently.

    How do we decide the construction and main dimensions for the hull structure and get other datas for decision making in consistence with the discipline of naval architects?

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    So, your logical first step would be to start with everything mentioned in the quote above.
    Establish your Statement of Requirements, detailing what you want your boat to be capable of.
    Sketch a draft general arrangement.
    Post your SOR and your GA on here for feedback and comment.

    You could work through these items with the good folk on here, once you have the initial SOR and GA established.

    The construction will probably be using the type of material that you are most happy with / is most easily available where you live.
    The dimensions are dependent on the displacement which is driven by the load carrying capability of the boat - do you need to carry provisions for one week, or trans-atlantic?
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    Generally you buy a book. You might also get some value from a set of study plans of an existing, similar design.

    PS, welcome to the forum!

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    My first choice for yacht design books is "Principals of Yacht Design" by Lars Larsson and Rolf E Eliasson. The math is clearly written so an engineer of any discipline can understand and implement the math in spreadsheets. Generous diagrams and drawings help generalize the math for non-engineers to grasp the main concepts.

    I would strongly recommend building models out of balsa strips before building a full size boat. It introduces you to building concepts and challenges.
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