Designing Multihulls with Godzilla

Discussion in 'Software' started by Inquisitor, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Dr. Lazauskas,

    First, I want to thank you for this staggering contribution to design.

    I've been running trade studies on several designs for the last couple of months. In that time, I've been focusing on the top speed case when flying all but one hull. Lately, I am now working on the windward hull in combination with the lee hulls wave field at slower speeds.

    I know you have build in a tremendous amount of flexibility and I am wondering if there is some way of simulating some things...

    Mixed Shaped Hulls - I would like to fix my lee hull shape and size based on the previous runs. I have done the DelftShip inport and export and have the offsets back in an in.mlt file. I have Hull Constraints of the windward hull setup with shape factors for variability on shape, as well as length, beam, depth and seperation. Unfortunately, it appears I can either only put the geomentry of all hulls in or I can let shape factors work on all hulls... but not mix one fixed and one via shape factors.

    Load Shifting - Is there some way to allow the displacement to be variable as a function of speed... just like trim and sinkage? I could estimate the heeling force and how it loads up the lee hull and unloads the windward hull as a function of speed. Is there some way to simulate that? I've tried various things with the sinkage and heel, but I don't seem to be getting results that simulate what I intend. I re-read the documentation and part of my problem is the heel is disabled, but even when some sinkage, the displacement still remains constant. I am assuming this implies it has to change the shape to have the greater depth, but same displacement. Thus... its proposing a non desirable hull (at least as far as what I'm intending to accomplish by my scenario). Is that correct?

    Thank you for your time.
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