Designing Catamaran 16-17

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jc2040, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. jc2040
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    jc2040 New Member

    I will like to know how to design and build a catamaran,
    I think the very beginning would be designing the hulls, anyone have an idea of
    how should be the inner design of the hulls or a guide of how make some?
    the basic idea i have is to build a small catamaran, could be the hobie cat 16 a reference..
  2. Steve W
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    Steve W Senior Member

    Are you mainly looking for a build project or do you have some design ideas that are not available in existing designs? The reason i ask this is that there are plenty of existing designs available to buy from the likes of James Wharram, Richard Woods and others. Ray Aldridge who frequents this forum a lot has a few designs also, Ray falls into the catagory of "couldnt find an existing design that did what he wanted" camp, so he designed his own. My point is that if you dont already know how to design a boat and your main focus is on building rather than designing, why reinvent the wheel? If i were to want to own a beach cat i would
    A/ Establish a realistic budget and timeframe to get the boat i desire.
    B/ look at what is available to buy that suits my purpose in my price range,this,at least here in the US is almost always the least expensive route to ownership but i see you are in the Ukraine where this may not be so.
    C/ Shop around for an existing design that suits my purpose with plans that i can buy and build it myself.
    D/ Failing that, OR, if the project is as desirable as the ownership, then by all means go ahead and design and build your own.
    I am pointing all this out because i am a boatbuilder by trade and have designed and built a number of boats for myself and others over the years but last fall i bought a 19ft catamaran on ebay for a price that was a fraction of what i could have built one for. As i said before,this may not be the case where you are. Good luck.
  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    That is good advice. It will also narrow down he responses to the ones more appropriate to your project.
  4. jc2040
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    jc2040 New Member


    thanks, great advice..
    yeah I am just studing in ukraine. know I use to spend only summers in my birth city, Guayaquil Ecuador, I was really searching for some book or something like that to build a catamaran, but I really didnt found anything use full, just some plans without material requirement, or any instructions at all, its the first time I plan on building a boat so I require real instructions, material, weights, donno..

    The thing is that I have in mind is a catamaran that can carry between 1-5 creew, but it really its just for going alone each w-end to clear thoughts and seek new ideas. and 1 or 2 times a month go with my family have a nice time, just between wind and water...

    at my search i found that the cat 16 creew capacity is 1-4 near to what I want,
    I saw one in a lake near my house, and I like it its not that big and seems confortable and looks good.

    so maybe you know some plans I could buy that aint that spensive and that are complete and have simple and full instructions, in a closer future i would like to create my own catamaran design and build it but i think that the first step should be build a proved one to get basics and see how things work...

    some advice?
  5. Squidly-Diddly
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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    Hobie 16 can be had so cheap here in CA.

    I believe this would also include a factory trailer.

    for $1500 this would be the best and cheapest info and parts supply even if you are going to "design your own".

    Did I mention the "parts" and trailer?

    I don't think you get 1/2 the rigging for $1500 if bought retail piece by piece.

    I don't think you buy a trailer for $1500, but you might be able to make one for under $1500.

    Only problem is shipping the thing to Ukraine.

    Hobie 16 Redding CA - $1500 (santa cruz)

    Date: 2011-02-15, 7:06PM PST
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Everything is in proper working condition. Fast, proven race winner. Runs real fast downwind, points well. Great condition, newer tramp, good lines, good sail, good tailor with large storage tube, newer tires, lights work. Tuned rudders, tuned battens, Arriba hiking stick (tiller) double trap lines, includes extras.Tramp cover. Needs nothing, race ready, or just fun sail.
  6. girvin
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    girvin Junior Member

    I think has one that small. I had the 42ft Pahi and loved it.
  7. wheels
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    wheels Junior Member

    what kind of use are you looking for? A comfortable day sailor, or speed deamon, etc?

    Slider <- a simple, ply/glass/epoxy design
  8. jc2040
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    jc2040 New Member

    really something between them... just confortable.. and speedy.. not that speedy just a little more than regular..

  9. Petros
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    Petros Senior Member

    Buying used is almost always less costly than building from scratch, but building is alos a very satifying activity in itself. I have built 13 small boats, almost all from salvaged lumber and hardware, most cost less than $100 to build. If you are good at scavenging materials and supplies you can build a nice boat for very little money.

    Here are some free plans from an old magazine, it looks something like you are looking for. It was designed to use "hardware store" fittings, so you should be able to adapt it for what you have available locally.

    You can modernize the rig and sails, use more expensive marine hardware if you want, but it should give you a pretty low cost build. IT was designed to be built in plywood, you can also put a layer of fiberglass over the outside to add strength and durability.

    Once you build this one and get some experience with it, than you can decided if you want to do your own design.

    Post some pictures after you get started.
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