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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by NA me, Sep 29, 2010.

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    This is the Micro(cup) rule:
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    you forgot origame
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    Q: What is a milliHelen?
    A: A face that would launch one ship!

    Can't remember who told me this one, but I loved it.
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    at least gimme the number of figures that is required?
    standard material? alu, steel, frp?
    standard engine HP?
    number of crew? how big exactly is a mega yacht? i've seen pictures, but basicly it looks the same like other yachts.

    whats probabilistic stability?

    sha nanannana~
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    I don't think there is any real set of rules defining what is a yacht and what is a Megayacht.... Also defining such a boundary is very subjective (directly related to the amount of money you have). What I believe to be a Mega Yacht, will probably only be a tender for someone like Roman Abramovich...:D

    It may be fun to see what the general boat design forum members see as a Mega Yacht. Maybe a set of minimums like:
    Minimum purchasing price
    Minimum LOA
    Minimum amount of toys that can be stored on board
    Minimume price of toys
    Minimum amount of crew

    P.S. In my opinion the hull material will not define a Mega yacht as that is more related to size and intended use. (very fast MY (light material) or a slow moving MY to carry al your toys (steel). Same goes for horse power by the way.
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    The fact is - there is nothing standard about yachts arbitrarily defined as "megayachts".

    It is a matter of technical complexity, but also a matter of human psychology, imho. The Ego of their owners demands a vessel which is as much non-standard as technicaly and economically possible.
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  7. apex1

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    Some 25 years ago, the market called every boat above 30 meter "Megayacht". It was just a term used by journalists and brokers to distinguish between the really big toys and the average.

    When boats went much bigger and came in quantities never seen before, the "Gigayacht" was born (in the magazines).
    Just phrases.....
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