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Discussion in 'Education' started by patiras, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Hi there, I'm a boat builder, very small scale, based in France. I'm looking for someone to give some design input for a 9 meter motor catamaran that I'm working on. I studied yacht design in Southampton, and then worked on boats from mini transats to tallships, before working for myself. The current design, in terms of functionality, I'm quite happy with; the first one launched just before christmas, and is now back in the shop for finishing. What I'm after is some styling input. Lets just say, that aesthetics was never my strong point, and the passing years have done nothing to improve this. A youthful touch is probably whats required and may well suit a design student, although, i'm after buildable design, not concept stuff. A knowledge of CE marking and the RCD would be a benefit. Initially, it will be a one off, but if I can get orders for more, then I'll gladly build them. In terms of payment; you get payed when I do; share the risks, and profits. In the first instance e-mail me, or reply to this post, so that I can explain the design a bit more, and so that I can see some examples of your work, and know a bit about you. This is a genuine offer/request; I'm not a dreamer with a wacky design that will never leave the board, but similarly, its not rocket science; just a solid design.

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