Designed for CF Vacuum Bagging

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SuperJetski45, Nov 10, 2010.

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    I got alot of reading to do and catch up on some of the knowledge departed here. From other forums, I'll try to seach for the answer first....

    I've been working on prototypes for a new design in Jetski's, they were produced for a Science Channel Show called MACHINES! S01E04. It was a sort of crotch-rocket on the water.

    The second generation of prototyping is underway. After the CNC machine cuts my PPE foam, we are going do a vacuum bagging process of the CF.

    Has anyone used Strectchlon 200? It seems more appropriate than Vinyl if there are many contours...
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    ...i have not used Strectchlon 200, but if it contours better than anything else in your local area, go for it. Smooth contours make far better results in the end result, so even if it is a bit dearer, it may be well worth the money. Carbon Fibre is expensive, the end results are imperative to get it right first time....
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