Design / small launch based around SABB diesel

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by nickrj, Oct 3, 2022.

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    I have a small 2 cylinder SABB diesel which came along with an unfinished cold moulded Channel Cutter I purchased, which I'd like to design a 20-24ft (trailerable) inboard launch around. I've not found any launch/workboat designs I like, except perhaps the Gartside workboat. However, the Gartside design is a bit too much work - I'd like to do something in 9mm ply/epoxy.

    With all this in mind, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to actually get the shape and eventually the stations made up. When I even attempt to delve into doing something CAD based, the learning curve blows out exponentially.

    Therefore perhaps getting to my question: Are there any lines plan specific CAD tools which will not force me into a massive learning curve to achieve something as simple as the idea in question? Alternatively, are there any books which can be recommended which outline the principles of drawing such designs by hand?
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    This sounds like an interesting project.
    Will you also be completing the Channel Cutter as well?
    (Is she one of the 24' cutters designed by Lyle Hess, or totally different?)

    Re a book, this wee book is excellent for explaining how to draw simple lines plans (and lots of other good stuff is in it as well).

    Re existing plans, have you browsed the collection by Selway Fisher in the UK?
    I am wondering if the 22' Rufus might be similar to what you have in mind?
    Scroll down a bit in this link -
    Motor Boats 21' to 30'

    Or Sam Devlin's design catalogue?

    This Chinook is a neat design - but the engine is at the stern, driving a saildrive leg rather than a conventional shaft. Perhaps because an engine box in the middle of the boat would not give much room on each side for passing by.
    Chinook 21 | Devlin Designing Boat Builders

    The Godzilla has a straight shaft drive -
    Godzilla 22 | Devlin Designing Boat Builders
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    It's actually a Falmouth Quay Punt - I'm so used to saying Channel Cutter because hardly anyone ever knows what I'm talking about when I talk about Punts. I need to better pick my audience! I will finish the Punt, it's on the back burner - it is a hull and deck and sits on a large quad axle launch trailer. Her design was lofted from turn of the century lines plans of no known designer. This is a lengthy and interesting discussion I will need to start at another point here, as there are several mysteries I need to solve with the boat and how the original builder had planned to do things (he is no longer alive). I have not yet been able to setup a proper work tent yet to even think about this project, it came about because the boat came up for sale and I had to act quickly! Currently she sits on the trailer under tarps, next year I will excavate a flat pad, put gravel down and erect a gothic arch work tent with a canvas roof.

    Thanks so much for all of these links! I've also just purchased a hard copy of the book you referenced.

    I think in your Selway Fisher link, the closest design which matches what I have in my head is the Ijssel Launch. Another design reference would be Greta by Nigel Irens.

    I'd like to use the boat for fishing and scallop diving, with a compressor connected by belt to the SABB.
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