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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jibbernaught, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Good day,
    (I also put this thread in the multi hull section, but with a smaller amount of traffic there I was hoping to get some response here. I dont know if that is allowed so I apologize ahead of time.)
    Well there seems to be enough people who sound like they know what they are doing here so I thought I would ask, Where are some good school to learn to design multi hulls? I have looked online for naval architecture schools, and I can only find schools that deal with commercial super tankers and the like. I am very interested in designing sailboats, well, really just one, a catamaran that I can sail around the world, (so don't worry about your job security ) but either way I am a die hard do it your self-er and I would rather go to school and design my own boat they pay someone to do it for me.

  2. spank
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    Well, I would say check out the Landing school for design. You can get that finished in one year, and then you will have the tools that you need...not necessarily the experience or common sense...but the tools. You could go to a four year program, but why do that if all you need is one boat? To answer your question about multihulls though, I think it will be pretty difficult to find a program that gives much consideration of multihulls. That being said, they are discussed in most programs to some degree. My experience has been though that it is something you need to seek out independently after gaining the practical tools necessary for all designs.
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    Hi Jibber,

    There is a good marine design degree available from Massey University in New Zealand which I graduated from.

    But I have to agree with 'spank', why would you want to study multihull design as such when you could have somebody experienced in the field do a professional job for you, while staying involved in the design stages to some extent.
  4. Aramas
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    I had the idea of learning to design my own boat and going sailing back in the 80's.

    I'm well on my way :)

    If you want to learn to design boats then do it. If you want to go sailing then buy a boat and do that instead. When you're sailing you can learn to design them.

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    Try looking for yacht design schools rather than Naval design. Mcnaughton is one, westlawn is another, along with the landing school.

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