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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jedkins, Oct 16, 2007.

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    I represent a Western managed trading company based in Asia. We seek a design for a small dinghy or tender that would be easy to row. The tender should be light enough for one person to easily haul up the beach. Also be light enough to easily haul up out of the water for storage on the deck of a larger boat.

    We intend to manufacture by the roto molded process in PE.

    We will be interested to learn of any existing designs that we could adapt or even design concepts that might be suitable for further development.
  2. Squidly-Diddly
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    How about a combo car-top storage 'pod'(Thule) and

    fold-out row boat. The hinge would be 'amidships' at 'gunwale' height.

    Normally, when on the car racks the hinge would be at the rear of the storage pod, and the pod would have a slight taper towards the front.

    The top would overlap the bottom and have some sort of 'drip edge' when closed.

    To convert into rowboat, just open the pod 180' and install a pair of 'runners' at amidships running from about 1' fore and aft of amidships. There might also be a couple of 'joiners' at the place where the two halves meet to form the 'keel'.

    I'm thinking of a pod about 42" wide, with 2 halves about 14" deep to make a total height of just under(due to overlap) 28"'(that is a LOT taller than other cartop pods currently on the market) and about 6' long to give a boat 42" by 12'.

    This little boat could also be marketed to people how would like a nice, big extra roof box for the car...but wouldn't mind getting a small boat in the bargain.

    I think rotomolding would be the right material for this.

    Let me know if you want me to fax a rough sketch of what I'm talking about.
  3. Gilbert
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    Gilbert Senior Member

    I have a design for a 9' tender that rows very easily. Contact me if you like to find out more about it.

  4. jonny250
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    I can supply a cad design for a roto made dinghy, can assist with CE certification if required, etc. please contact me to discuss. Thanks.
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