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    I am currently doing a University project into fatigue damage of GRP on high-speed boats. In order to quantify the wave forces I have used a draft ISO standard called;

    Draft: prEN ISO 12215-5

    Title: Small craft – Hull construction and scantlings – Part 5:
    Design pressures, design stresses, scantling determination

    At the moment this is in draft form and I am currently trying to establish if/when it will become a full standard.

    Does anyone know of any other standards that are used for boat building – mainly on the safety side with regard to the forces that are experienced?

    Also if anyone knows of any websites that has any information about GRP fatigue I would be very grateful

    Many thanks

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    I understand that there is still much revision due on this standard. Alternatives are the ABS standards, on which the ISO has much in common or Lloyds Green Book or SSC Rules.

    For an easy to use scantling rule, or one that can give you some ball park scantlings try Dave Gerr's "The Elements of Boat Strength".

    However for a University project, rather than a real boat, the ISO would probably be a good place to start, as by the time you finish your course the EN ISO will possibly be complete!
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