Design professional Project Manager for Special-Boatbuilding (m/f)

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    yachtwerft meyer is based in the region of Bremen is a medium sized company with a very good standing in its segment, has become a well-known innovative address in the world of shipyards for special boats, including private customer business as well as a successful supplier for mega yachts sectors, national and international.
    In addition the company group created another important focus that can be used in the development and construction innovative of products in the fiber composite part as be used in shipbuilding, aviation and automobile industry.

    • Linking function between design and ship engineering area
    • Create 2D and 3D designs for the construction of new mega yacht
    tender boats, specific construction and innovative special
    responsibility for the fiber composite part, similar to aviation
    • Working on design details as well as standards
    • Coordinate approach, construction and results internally and
    externally, if necessary directly with customers or development
    partners, e.g. design offices
    • Support and development of building requirements and approval
    • Monitoring and coordination of various processes within own
    • The central technical point of contact for assemblies/projects for
    the ship engineering area, customers, suppliers and company
    • Management support for sales topics for respective target groups
    • Technical assistance for development of new and innovative
    products, taking into account design aspects
    • Presenting company on “tradeshows/ fairs, etc.”
    • Monitoring and optimize work processes within the projects
    • Time-based project monitoring and control
    • Preparation of technical offer, calculation and post calculation of
    project costs
    • Technical procurement support
    • Technical documentation
    Optional: Taking over leadership for additional staff from the
    construction department
    Optional: Taking over full responsibility of construction department
    Optional: Taking over full responsibility of project management
    • Successful graduation with naval architect /mechanical engineering
    degree or comparable education
    • Substantial practical experience in/and according to shipyard
    industry or construction department preferably in boatbuilding,
    yacht-building, mega yacht or other ship-building related
    • Very good experience in the field of special-construction
    • Project management experiences
    • Knowledge in dealing with materials such as plastics, fiber
    composites, preferable experiences in wood
    • Safe handling of EDP, e.g. MS Office and SolidWorks AutoCAD
    • High motivation and good assertiveness
    • Excellent communications skills in English and German
    • Very good and confident behavior towards customers, suppliers etc
    • Fluent in German and English language in speaking and writing
    • Desirable affinity in water sports, like boat driving license
    lake/coastal or inland waterway transportation

    If you are interested, please send your complete application, your
    desired salary and starting date, preferably online, to Mrs. Michaela
    Meyer (
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