Design of superstructures etc.. in FREEship

Discussion in 'Software' started by AstroTux, Jul 24, 2006.

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    I'll be quick with this one! :)

    1) Is it possible to do?

    2) Briefly, how is it done? Is it constructed the same way as for the transom etc.. (extrusion of edges)??

    What I'd like to do is design the structure as much as possible and have FREEship calculate the various bits, accounting for weight and location of parts of the superstructure etc. I'm intrigued as to how various things change (CoG is obvious, but less obvious are things like center of bouyancy etc) and would like to see the effects, to get a better "feel" for what I'm doing. :)

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    The only value that will change with working on superstructure is the cg. Center of bouyancy, center of flotation and metacenter are all a functon of hull shape. Ideally, your center of gravity and center bouyancy are close. Then, maybe your craft will float on it's lines.
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