Design Help With Passagemaker for a Couple

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Latitude19, Sep 25, 2010.

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    I am in the process of designing the "Ideal Passagemaker" for my wife and me and would welcome any thoughts, suggestions or ideas on how to improve things. I would invite you all to please check out the designs on my little web site. There are three sketches posted (sorry they are in pencil-I really like to draw) all are still in the mix, however the 52 is in the lead currently. I just love the "Garage" space aft.

    Also I have been quoted $7 a pound to build in China. Does anybody know any other cost estimate numbers? How much is Asboat in Turkey typically for a Buehler design, etc? Thanks
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  2. apex1

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    You are aware of these threads? there are four by now.

    So then,

    Kaya did the Ellemaid 71ft at 650.000€ , she has a weight of 135.000 lbs as built.
    Seahorse did the 50ft duck at about 450.000€, weight unknown (by me).

    Seahorse made the Duck more yacht like and with much more detailed and well executed cabinetry and panelling, than the Ellemaid received.

    For your boat, if real passagemaking is your plan, I would strongly recommend to lengthen the boat by at least 10ft, better 15.
    Given the fact, that the hull is not the main cost factor this would not add much to the purchase price, but very much to her speed, comfort and safety at sea.

    What do you mean by "I designed" ? YOu did the drawings of a GA, or you did the entire NA`s business?
    Do you want my comments on your drawings?

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    Price per pound is rather worthless. A poor, resin rich laminate will price cheaper per pound than a good 60/40 laminate. Also, how do you weigh good finish and quality control?
  4. apex1

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    We are talking steel Gonzo.
  5. gonzo
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    I see. It didn't say at the start. What is the quoted price for? The interior and fitting out of a boat is where most of the money goes. Also, as you can find in many other threads, the Law in some countries won't protect you against breach of contract or shoddy workmanship. China is really bad in that respect. Also, they tend to use parts that look like the real item but are low quality fakes. If you can either supervise the build or have someone on site to do it, the risk is less.
  6. apex1

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    I know, but that was not asked.

    Both yards in question here, are reliable partners though. And the question for these yards made clear we are talking steel, the OP did not mention, you are right.

  7. gonzo
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    Getting good references from a yard is the best thing.
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    ...I have spent 3.5 years working in China in steel and alloy and glass yards...yes it is possible to build a good cheap boat there, but certainly difficult to do so. I would suggest respectfully that you do not do it UNLESS you have a full time person there to control the job, and by that I mean CONTROL the job. Most yards will listen to you then go and do whatever they like anyhow as soon as you turn your back, so you cannot turn your back. Do it yourself for a nice adventure of hire someone like myself that has been there and understands the game...flying in and out is not an alternative, it MUST be full time. So, what really are you going to save.......the cost of a qualified person will be at least $75k a year, it will cost you less of course to do it yourself, say about half. Is it worth it.....well yes it can be as the fitout is where the real costs are, the hull and deck are bugger all really.......but you are an experienced sailor, so your fitout is more of the basic class, not too fancy, so also cheaper anyhow.

    Being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want and no language barriers (or transport and customs and cultural differences etc etc etc) is worth at least the $35 that it would cost you anyhow if you do it my advice is do it locally mate, or at least in a country that has everything that you intend to put into your boat.

    ....stay at home or local area and enjoy the build instead of fighting some turkey that has no idea really what the pointed end is called, and has and never will use a boat.
  9. dskira

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    Good point
  10. apex1

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    Mysterious thread................

    The lad comes here, asks one question, gets replies, and never comes back.....

    But his rep points rise............
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    You are right.. after you mentioned this I took a look at the sketches and they aren't bad at all. That combined to the modest opening post is well worth of some rep points (anyway compared to more common way to barge in with some funny farm therapy drawings seen around).

  12. apex1

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    Basically a Buehler Diesel Duck, what Mr. Brown presents there. Though much better drawn than George would. And of course, miles ahead of the "funny farm therapy drawings" we see daily.

    But why did he leave us?
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