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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by markoc85, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. tunnels

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    yeah and some time these things dont work !! if its made by man anything can and will happen !!:eek:
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    Not going fast enough with small motors to matter too much, on the occasions I have hit a sandbank (who hasn't) in a small boat the motor has just kicked up with a bit of a roar from the engine as it breaks the surface. No harm done.
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    Sorry to head off in a different direction to the original post. When i was a bit younger i hit a log in an 8 ft hydroplabe with a 15hp Mariner on the back. Tore the outboard and transom clean off.The hydro construction meant the side tanks kept it and me afloat.The outboard/transom was still hanging by the control and steering cable so it was ok too.Luckily the motor wasnt running at the time it went under water so a quick flush and it was running again. The rubber bush in the prop is there to take up the shock of shifting in to gear and small hits. In my case the leg was the one that hit first and transfered the impact to the transom.
    6mm ply on its own is not strong enough and by the time you have gone to all the trouble of strengthening around the outbourd mounts you would have had an easier time putting the 25mm sheet someone suggested a few posts ago. If 6mm is the material you have then glue 4 sheets together to get the thickness required. Remember an outboard trys to pull the top of the transom out. It doesnt push it in and 15hp is a lot in a small boat. That transom must be well integrated with the rest of the boat.

    Thanks Don

    Good luck with the build
    Thanks Don
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  4. tunnels

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    You are my hero !! thank you for you personal account loosing a transom! i have not actually been in a boat when it happened just had to do the repairs of a couple !!:D
    Yes out boards with all the stuff of rubber hubs and no hold downs etc etc they want to fly up up and away,some times never to be found again !!:eek:
    Its amazing how quick an outboard can disappear in the surf and sand like a washing machine
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