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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Stumble, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Tentatively the competition is slated to go live Aug 1 or so with submissions due Jan 1. with the initial round of judging March 1, then the top three boats will hopefully be build (in Haiti) at a Haitian boat yard) and do a tour of the country to show them off to the fishermen. So they can choose the final winner.

    The final awards ceremony will likely be May 1 and starting the ramp up to full production the beginning of the summer.

    This is a very tentative schedule and specific dates will change. But it’s a good approximation.

    No decision has yet been made on the drawings required. At a minimum a Lines Plan, Arrangement, and BOM. We’re waiting to finalize the judges before deciding what the submission packet should include. I don’t think we are going to require a complete hydrostatic analysis but I doubt anyone will complain if we get it.
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    Thanks ..good to know .. a lot can happen in that time span. So designs due in Dec 31, 2019 then, unless its changed by public announcement around August
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    Just 'bumping' this thread back up again - Stumble, has the competition 'gone live' yet?

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    Also just discovering this thread, that makes me think of Kitoosimple, based on a complete kit inc. all cnc cut plywood panels, for the building of a 12' plywood dinghy, info inc. the price (2950 €) :
    Kit description : Composition du Kit de construction
    Builder guide :
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