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    I want to design, build, and cruise a 32' cat-ketch sailboat. I have started on the design of the "mother ship" already (and I can already see many areas that need improvement, but that is for another post! Please don't comment on that design here.). I want to design and build an 8' row/sail/power pram-style dingy that is geared more towards the rowing and sailing aspect than use of the motor. It will be built via cold-molding and/or strip-planking and vacuum-bagging in order to hone the skills I'll need for the larger craft, and to give me something to put around in while building the larger craft.

    I want it to fit on the forward cabin-top of the 32'er, aft of the main and ahead of the main's cabin-top traveler. In the attached image, the gid is 1" squares, so I used a 1"=1' (1:12) scale. The dingy will rest on the forward handrails... something I'm not particularly happy about, but I haven't figured out a way around this. Stored upside-down and strapped in tight, I want it to provide some extra protection for the forward overhead hatch. Actually, as the hatch will be a butterfly-style, I am hoping I can keep it open in most weather and have the dingy act a bit like a dorade to keep water out.

    The forward cabin-trunk in that area allows for the bow of the dingy to be a little less than 2', the max beam to be ~4', and I was figuring ~3' for the stern. In my research, this turned out to be similar to Chesapeake Light Craft's "Eastport Pram" (see attached line-drawing). As this seems like a pretty little boat, I thought I might base my design off theirs, with changes made to accomodate the different construction method (Cold Molding instead of "Lap-Stitch"). So, what about that design would you change for functionality's sake?

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