Demo work nearly finished time to put it back

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    Well I nearly have the demo and cleanup finished arrggh. I hope its a little more downhill from here. Anyway I have a few questions before I order materials. The project is a restoration of a 14" fiberlass fishing boat. The transom was completely removed (Wish I had left the outer skin) The floor was also removed. What type fiberglass will be best for 1. The core in the transom. 2. Covering the floor. And another question is what is the correct way to blend the transom back into the sides and bottom of the hull on the exterior? I suppose I need to grind down the existing fiberlass to accomodate the thickness of the new glass. How far should I go? And when glassing the exterior and interior what weight mat should I use? I will be using the epoxy system from Thanks for any info. I will post pics soon.
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